The Senior Scout Adventure Outdoor Code

and personal undertaking

I undertake and pledge to treat the Outdoors – our veld, rivers and mountains as a heritage to be cherished and protected for the use and benefit of future generations. By accepting this I take it upon myself never to deface the environment by applying graffiti or tagging symbols anywhere in the Cederberg Conservancy Area.

I will treat public and private land with respect, remembering that the use of the Cederberg Wilderness Area and its surrounding farm lands is a rare privilege.

I will not light any form of fire in the Wilderness Area except at an Activity Centre, with the express authority or direction of the Base Leader, where all manner of precaution will be taken.

I agree to take out all items of rubbish that I, or my Patrol, have brought into the Cederberg Wilderness area.

I further understand that all rubbish is to be carried in the appropriate rubbish bag provided and that the contents of the bag will be deposited at the next Activity Centre.

Who may participate

Scout Patrols where all Scouts are over the age of 15 (barring very exceptional circumstances) but not yet turned 18 at the start of the Adventure, qualify to enter. Scouter Patrols where all adults are over the age of 18 are welcome to enter too. 

Adventure History

The Heritage Team have posted some interesting facts on previous Adventures. Click here for a trip into the past.